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Why Unigreen

Unigreen takes its staff force as assets of the highest value. The Group therefore attaches unparalleled importance to the sustainable development and nurturing of talents. To help implement the Group’ s corporate strategy and establish its corporate culture, Unigreen encourages its staff to develop their personal skills and improve their performance, thereby enabling its staff to grow with the Company.

We look for distinctive perspective, critical thinking and the ability to organise various resources. We also look for the qualities of commitment to results, positive attitude and team spirit like willingness to share.

Corporate Culture

We have a straight-forward and transparent work environment. Corporate interest is the only criteria in our judgment. 

We advocate team work and group spirit. We seek to align employee success with corporate development. 
We have a multi-industrial and multi-cultural platform that offers our people with opportunities in various industries.

"An opportunity sustains an enterprise for a year, good management sustains an enterprise for a decade, while good corporate culture sustains an enterprise for a century." In order to achieve mutually beneficial interaction among employee, enterprise, society and the environment as well as sustainable corporate development, Unigreen has set "Self-improvement; Teamwork; Performance and Contribution to Society" as its core value since its establishment.

Value enhancement through continuous learning and improvement.

Building an outstanding team with people of the same belief and culture so as to create miracle.

Constant value creation and pursuit of healthy growth.

Contribution to society: 
Commitment to enterprise's social responsibilities and promoting a harmonious society.